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DIRECTORY is a FREE service

No charge to list. 

No charge to search. 

No charge to change.

The directory has been created for one reason to market all things architectural to the marketplace in an online image format - a one stop shop to find all things architectural when you don't know their name, the service they provide or the unique product that has been developed.

The directory is an online marketing initiative for architects & businesses marketing to architects.

The directory is an online community & business network connecting architects to clients within a framework of instant online communication with the advantage of the impact of photos.

The directory is not a professional body or association & does not represent architects it is an online advertising tool available to the profession to market all things about the profession.  


The only online, centralized, image based, search facility in a directory format for architects featuring personalised text & photos showcasing their work.
It provides exposure & allows architects, consultants, specialist suppliers to architects (& their clients), professional associations & schools of architecture to introduce & present their products & services direct to their target market at no cost.
To arrange, secure & place a Banner ad contact 
Banner ad positions are secured at a monthly fee.
Banner ad images are JPEG - 300x400pixels - max 800m
This is the ultimate marketing tool to SHOWCASE what you do
A Banner ad is targeted marketing providing exposure worldwide 24 hrs a day 365 days a year with up to date accurate information about you, what you do and the service you provide.


How it works
It is a FREE search facility tailored by you to suit your practice displaying photos of your work found with search categories of your choice. The client goes direct to you.
Why is it different
It provides photos & text (all changeable at no cost) so that you and/or your designs can be found by seeing your work.
Why iDid is better than other advertising
It is has the impact of photos, can be changed daily by yourself online, has greater market coverage all at NO COST to you & is accessible for FREE.
What it is all about
Attract the new client, that better client, the other client that word of mouth did not get to - EXPOSURE. 
Why showcase your work   
Maintain an edge over your competition
Photos are worth a thousand words
Target new clients
Give yourself choice
Widen & strengthen your market base
Display your expertise thru photos
The use of the internet is growing daily 
To have exposure means $’s
Being innovative is 21st century thinking
To be found means $’s
This exposure is FREE
The advantages
Attract interested & educated clients
Stand out from the rest
Target your markets
Network (builders, consultants, fashion, restaurants)
Exposure 24 hours a day 365 days a year 
Minimise unwanted enquiry.
What you receive
Search categories of your choice.
Change your listing online free anytime.
Map guide.
Introductory page (Logo + 1 photo +100 words).
Feature page (12 photos + 1500 words).
Display contact details (Address, Ph, Fax, email, link to your website)
These sites rank page 1 on all principle GOOGLE searches
How do I join
Click REGISTER/LOGIN (top right of screen)
Register your details.
What are the sites
Join other iDid sites
List on other sites as a consultant or supplier & take advantage of the networking possibilities.
We can show you how listing on other sites can be of assistance to your practice.
Marketing suggestions to value add
Place a home page BANNER ad
Place articles in NEWS & FAQ sections under your name
Change categories & tailor your listing to your market
Place a listing on the other iDid sites
Tell your clients about your listing
Tell your consultants about your listing
Place direct links to your clients' web site
Paste your listing link into your emails