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Airsanz Australia Pty Ltd   
102 Cochranes Road,
Victoria 3189 
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 The Clener Greener Hand Dryer - A Revolution in Washroom Hygiene

Here at AirSanz our commitment to service and quality is paramount and I trust that you will find your dealings with AirSanz efficient and satisfactory. Our priority is to provide to you a progressive washroom appliance which is diverse, cutting edge and above all a product whose benefits can be easily on-sold. AirSanz presents to you a product that features the most cutting edge properties.
The AirSanz is fast and easy to install, and boasts an energy efficient product. The patented internal filtration system ensures that the AirSanz hand dryer is the most hygienic solution available on the market.  The air filtration system is certified to kill 99.8% of water and airborne bacteria, making it not only a hand dryer but a whole room air filtration system. This ensures the environment in which the AirSanz is installed is clean and hygienic.
The AirSanz is approximately 1/3 of the cost to the supplier of other antibacterial labeled products on the market. The AirSanz also offers the unique feature of the fragrance cartridge. The fragrance cartridge scents the air and sanitizes the hands. With a choice of fragrance available the customer can tailor the solution to the market in which they are targeting.
To ensure the versatility and suitability of the AirSanz product we have developed casings in crisp white, chrome, and brushed satin. This ensures that even the most contemporary of washrooms will be well matched to the AirSanz product.
  •  5 year warranty
  •  Hands dry in 9-12 secs
  • Carbon footrprint – ultra low energy usage
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • A fragrance cartridge can be added to perfume the washroom
  • A charcoal cartridge can be added removes unpleasant odours and re-oxygenates the air
  •  An anti-bac cartridge can be added that removes and kills 99.8% of bacteria present in the air
  • An antibacterial gel cartridge can be added which distributes and puts anti-bac onto the hands
AirSanz believe in an unparalleled commitment to servicing your business. We will work with you as your brand partner and where required, we are committed to attending meetings with your customers on your behalf to present the features and benefits of the AirSanz, which will include a full working demonstration.
If you have any queries or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you kindly
Julie Nisbet
Airsanz Australia Accounts
T: 1800 539 027   
F: +61 39553 2582    
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