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Amorphous Architects
67 Justin Street, LILYFIELD, New South Wales, 2040 
(02) 8004 7861
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What is Amorphous? [a-mor-phous]


1. Lacking definite form
2. Of no particular type

Strange name for an architectural business, right?

In fact, it sums up our way of seeing things.  We think too many architects are bound by convention.  In our mind, the design process should always lack definite form.  It should always be of no particular type.  Instead, it should be tailored for you.

Why bother with an Architect?

Architects are the big picture guys.  We take your idea and return it with a touch of magic.   We’re trained to understand space and volume.  We’re trained to solve problems.

So along the way, that saves you time and money.

But buildings aren’t just about four walls and a roof.  Architects understand total environments – integrating perfect interiors and exteriors with a real sense of purpose.

Good architects combine education, training, experience and vision.  You’ll love the result.

Is an Architect expensive?

Architects are actually really good value.  Well conceived designs reduce your bills now and maximise your returns later.   You can always tell when an architect has been involved.   And that means, the person who buys your property will as well!

So how does it work?

It starts with the design brief.  This is seriously important.  This is when you tell us your wants and share your dreams.   It’s thorough.   And needs to be.   Good architecture meets your everyday requirements – so we need to understand what they are!

And that’s where Amorphous stands out.  We design with your lives in mind, without any pre-conceived concepts.

From there, we do some cool stuff and some rather boring stuff.  The cool stuff is the actual design.  The boring stuff includes things like complex council approvals and co-ordinating any consultants.  These things can be stressful – so you need someone you can trust.

Oh, and the earlier you bring in an architect, the better.  We can manage the project from site selection to completion.

Meet the boss

Julian Wong is one of Australia’s most exciting young designers.

Good architects have good education.   On paper, Julian’s credentials are impressive enough – two degrees and closing in on his Masters.   But the journey is far more important – helping shape who he is now.   As part of his second degree at the University of Sydney, Julian spent a year on International Exchange studying at two of the world’s most respected Architectural schools.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts is Denmark’s most renowned place of higher learning.   One of its most famous students, Jørn Utzon, is perhaps best known for designing the Sydney Opera House.

For more than 50 years, UC Berkeley has set the standard for architectural schooling in North America.  It proudly boasts a strong tradition of fostering independent thinking.

Julian’s introduction to architecture also included stints in Hong Kong and New York, meaning he’s been exposed to global trends and insights.

The student then become the teacher – with Julian regularly tutoring architectural students at Sydney’s University of Technology.  He once was a committee member of DARCH – the body set up by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects to represent our industry’s young and brightest.

Professionally, Julian has spent time at both large and innovative architectural practices in three countries.   That’s seen him contribute to projects of all sizes – from shops, to apartments, to houses, to skyscrapers.

In 2007, Julian took the bold move to set up his own practice.  “Julian Design Studio” would soon transform to Amorphous Architects.


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