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Unlike earlier library management systems used by many architects, the AIS system has not been developed for use in managing a general library, but has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of architects and interior designers specifically. 


The AIS service is delivered via the Internet and is therefore accessible by any of your staff provided they have Internet access.


The AIS system provides an interface between what is on the library shelf and what other catalogues or information may be available from suppliers. It also provides a direct link to suppliers’ web sites so that the latest information can be accessed or downloaded very quickly.


One of the other major benefits with the AIS system is the coordination of on-site supplier presentations. 


Although most architecture and design practices store hundreds of suppliers catalogues and literature, most of what is new or innovative takes some time to find its way to the practice, or fails to make it at all. 


The AIS-coordinated supplier presentation, or what AIS calls a “FlexiLunch”, represents an ideal way for your personnel to see what’s new or innovative in the industry.  Suppliers are invited to attend by AIS on the understanding that they have something new or innovative to show.


FlexiLunch presentations are not like presentations most practices will be familiar with, where one supplier presents formally to a “captive” group. FlexiLunches gather together four to eight suppliers (depending on the size of the practice and the room available) who attend and display their new products in a very informal “product expo” style.  Practice personnel can come and go during the FlexiLunch and can spend as much time as appropriate viewing the products or asking questions of the supplier representatives. 


Another unique feature of the AIS system is that it is collaboration between leading architecture practices and building industry suppliers.  In fact the system is sponsored by building industry suppliers and therefore costs the architect or design practice very little to install or maintain.

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