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Use our functional engineering design systems to deliver highly efficient industrial steel structures at lower cost

Auvena produces designs for the structural frame and footing / slab components of industrial commercial projects and provides materials direct from select manufacturers.

Win more work and increase your profitability

The reason builders choose Auvena to design industrial steel structures for their clients is because we deliver highly efficient, quality designs at a price unmatched by traditional structural engineering consultants.

Improve your industrial design and supply capabilities

Our engineering design systems, modern approach to designing industrial steel structures and direct supply arrangements with steel manufacturers drasticallyreduces the cost of constructing industrial buildings.

Utilise cutting edge engineered design to cut costs

We use modern galvanised high tensile steel in our design, as opposed to the conventional fabricated, painted, mild steel. High tensile steel is up to 100% stronger in tensile strength and reduces weight by 40%, on average. The cost saving we are able to achieve by using this lighter, stronger steel alone is approximately 30%.

Using Auvena makes projects affordable for your clients

Designing an industrial steel structure to meet regulatory requirements is not difficult - the challenge is achieving this on a budget. Most who have worked in the field of logistics, warehousing or operations would have seen many projects shelved due to the builder’s quote for a new factory or warehouse coming in way beyond budget. Growth is abandoned and opportunities are missed for both client and builder.

This is where Auvena excels. Our engineering design systems drastically reduce the cost of building industrial steel structures, often rescuing projects from financial ruin. Contact Auvena to reduce the cost of your client’s projects and win more work.

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