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AV Drilling
45 Littlefields Road, MULGOA, New South Wales, 2745 
abn: 66 091 553
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 One of the major advantages of choosing AV Drilling as your service provider is that all your tasks are finished within the stipulated budget and within time.  Having a vast experience and expertise in this field, no work is too difficult for our personnel.  While working, we  focus on the safety of our valuable customers and staff members and the people nearby work site.

Horizontal Directional Drilling which is used extensively, has many specialties compared to open cut method.  It causes only a small construction foot print, it is quieter than trencher or excavator operations, it has got high point to point accuracy and it makes use of environmentally friendly technique.  Since it has a compressed plant size, it allows flexibility in constrained worksites.

Our professionals and engineers are ready to give consultation or advice whenever required.  AV  Drilling crew members are focused on customer satisfaction. They carry out every task with precision and perfection.  We are always ready to serve the clients even if it is very difficult to locate the site specified by you.  We promise the people in Sydney a hazard-free drilling atmosphere even in worst conditions. Since our workers are anxious about the safety of our customers and determined to provide an excellent drilling atmosphere, desirable results are attained.  Also the completion of the project on time, within budgets is ensured.

Every team member of AV Drilling makes it a custom to maintain the work place tidy and safe.  Unusual events, if any, are reported and paid attention suddenly in order to reduce future failures.  As our crew provides consideration to particulars, an accident free working atmosphere is ensured.

If you want timely completion of your boring or drilling work in an economical way, feel free to contact AV Drilling.  It is a reputed drilling and boring solution provider in Sydney wide area.  AV Drilling deals with all kinds such issues and brings out excellent results in a cost-effective manner. 

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