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BB Architects
217 Gilbert Street, ADELAIDE, South Australia, 5000 
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The primary focus at BB Architects is on the integration and interaction of old and new building elements and their respective fabrics. Much of our work is involved with conserving older buildings and integrating new development within or adjacent to listed buildings of cultural significance. We advise extensively on adding onto and adapting buildings and sites of heritage significance. This typically involves buildings and houses dating from the late 1830's through to the early 1960's. Detailed conservation work and considered modern architectural design is our forte.

Our philosophical approach is based on thirty years experience in architecture and conservation. We enjoy working with people and celebrating the inner-city cultures of Australian cities and our nearby East Asia neighbours. People are what matters.

Our philosophical approach to our work can be summarised as:

Good architectural design should reflect the cultural values of our time and place;

Good design involving buildings of cultural significance should be implemented in a way which reflects contemporary cultural values and avoids period replication;

Good design should always have regard to the physical context in which it is located.

Conservation and new development should be approached on the basis of respect for the design and fabric of the original building concerned. A positive use should always be made of sites, buildings, and fabric of cultural significance;

Buildings are constantly being changed to accommodate new uses. This is normal. What matters is how this change is managed and implemented;

Additions and adaptations involving buildings and sites of cultural significance should be carried out in a way which respects the underlying character of these places, without dominating them or resorting to period replication;

Older buildings are intended to be used. Adapting an older building to accommodate a new use is quite normal. A compatible use should always be aimed for.

Urban Design
Older towns and inner-city neighbourhoods are mixtures of constantly changing urban fabric as new needs and uses are accommodated. Juxtapositions of buildings of different styles and uses are normal. Some degree of aesthetic tension which results from these changes is also part of the urban environment. New development in these situations should endeavour to respect the existing urban character and its historic development pattern. This does not mean that new development should copy previous styles of architecture, but rather that it should respect its physical context and relate to it positively. Contemporary design can work within historic environments, but needs to be implemented carefully and with regard to context.

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