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Level 7 / 180 Flinders Street, MELBOURNE, Victoria, 3000 
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The Practice

Overview of Billard Leece Partnership, an architectural and urban design practice based in Melbourne 

Established 1995

The practice of Billard Leece Partnership is founded on a commitment to quality in design.

Architectural expression and urban design emerge out of a considered, comprehensive and correlated assembly of building forms and components.

Design is about finding a best-fit rationale that addresses and reconciles the imperatives of cost-effective construction, the vicissitudes of the client brief and the over-arching commitment to an Australian architectural heritage.

We provide specialist services in the areas of multi-unit housing, education, health and urban planning to a select group of clients.

Our specialist knowledge gives us insights into possible economies in the design and planning of complex projects.

We make a rigorous search for dualities: areas that can take on two or more functions, and convergences - organisational functions with similar requirements that may be consolidated. In this way the project budget is handled judiciously, adding value to the final outcome.

To implement our projects, BLP operates state-of-the-art CAD technology, in a fully networked office.

We have been at the forefront of developing CAD technology in 3D documentation, working closely with the software developers.

We use 3D modelling as a design tool, as a means of presentation, and in the production of construction documentation.

Practice values statement

Founded as a partnership: in name and practice, BLP began with recognition between the partners, Ron Billard and David Leece, that their complementary skills would together form the backbone of the practice.

This ethos is carried through in our recruitment and development of staff, our willingness to participate in multi-disciplinary teams outside the practice, and in our nurturing of long-standing client relationships.

Partnership is an ethos that emphasizes the team over the individual; therefore, teamwork over individual talent.

It challenges the myth that teamwork is not the basis for the creation of architecture. At BLP diverse strengths, skills and knowledge are found throughout a professional staff of more than 80, which can be quickly assembled into various-sized teams according to the needs of a project.

Our sense of partnership extends beyond the office with a willing attitude to participate in multi-disciplinary teams, design workshops and charettes with clients, users and architectural colleagues.

BLP is committed to sustainable profitability of the business, a safe and amenable working environment and an office culture that nurtures creativity and encourages innovation.

BLP is committed to improving its management systems, and quality principles which reflect changes in the regulatory environment, federal and state, with particular regard to occupational health & safety and the environment.

Our commitment to improving our integrated management systems is reflected in our third party accreditation under AS/NZ ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Systems and continuing reference to the principles and objectives of the following standards: AS/NZ 1401–2004 Environmental management systems, and AS/NZ 4801–2001 Occupational health and safety management systems.

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