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 From Adversity to Diversity


On the 26th January 2011 Greg Wilson recevied an OAM (Order of the Medal of Australia). He was recognised for his work with the arts and for his representative role on Mental Health issues.

Greg Wilson’s emergence into the art world started by chance after a series of tragic accidents leaving both his mental and physical being in a fragile state.

His 4 year recovery was plagued by depression and physical challenges, these experiences saw the artist seek refuge in art as a means to express, manage and steer through the darkness.

These experiences have been a source of creativity and inspiration, being a subject widely explored through various mediums from painting through to sculpture and mixed medium.

Greg Wilson’s inspirational journey has been well documented throughout the media having appeared on numerous prime time television shows, Radio and major publications.

He has also been featured in the ABC Televisions Australian Story exploring his journey from the depths of depression to the first of many major achievements in his career, opening his first gallery in the Hunter Valley NSW.

In 2005 an autobiography on Greg’s journey was launched in Canberra by the (former) Prime Minister of Australia the Hon. John Howard and the Minister for Education Dr Brendan Nelson MP.

The book details his experiences and the journey to recovery, the book is an inspirational piece that you can overcome the greatest of adversity.

The artists work attracts patronage from both high profile Australian and International collectors, having successfully exhibited in Australia, New York, London and China.

Work can be seen hanging in the Parliament House Canberra and the Australian Consulate New York, USA. More recently, Greg was commissioned to paint an official portrait of Nelson Mandela for his 90th birthday, which is proudly hanging in the recognizable world leaders home in South Africa.

In March 2009 Greg Wilson opened his Sydney gallery (Chippendale), the opening commenced a new stage within his successful career.

The gallery opened with a sell out exhibition “Wool Bales Series” oils on wool bales and mixed medium.

The exhibition consisted of 8 works exploring Australian Landscapes on 100+ year old wool bales.

A movie based on Greg Wilson’s remarkable journey and rise to prominence is currently in development.

Greg Wilson Gallery opens by appoinment: Contact Josie Alder to arrange a booking.



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