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Hello and Welcome to…

Icon Visual Industries

Let us introduce to you an exciting new product…

Direct Imaged Glass

Over the past two and a half years we have been developing the process of direct imaging glass panels. As technological advancements have evolved the printing industry and the machinery we commonly utilise, we envisioned a product that was previously extremely hard to produce. From this vision we have developed a product that is both unique and spectacular in its appearance and have made our dream a reality along the way.

Combining the knowledge gained in the sign and design industries we are pleased to state that we have succeeded in our quest and have a product that has met and indeed exceeded our expectations. Direct Imaged Glass is now a reality and its applications will only be limited by both our and your imaginations.

The Product…

Direct Imaged Glass is not as easy as it may sound.    Glass is one product that is very difficult to get anything to completely adhere too. All paints can be scraped clean, scratched off or removed with paint stripper. Although this is a possibility with our product, we image the glass in reverse and seal it from behind to protect as well as enhance the printed image. The glass is prepared, imaged and finished in a way to guarantee a bond that is secure enough to attack it with a set of car keys (Yes – I have tried it myself).

The Imaged Glass displayed on this page are just a few sample panels we have used to develop the imaging process. The clarity of the image and finish quality have met our expectations but are not truly represented in these photos. The glass, even at only 6mm thick, gives the image a perception of depth, combined with the light refraction in the glass create an exceptional image as a finished product.

Please note that our product is not a printed self adhesive vinyl (SAV) or sticker applied to the back of the glass. The problems with using standard SAV's or stickers is that it has a tendency to delaminate or separate from the glass, due to the glass' weight, which in turn would lead to the glass simply pealing away from the sticker and landing on the floor. The process we follow makes the image or artwork a part of the glass that cannot be removed without damaging the glass itself. This Bond that we have acheived allows the imaged glass to be glued directly to almost anything, eliminating the above mentioned delamination issues.

Our test or sample panels have been made from 6mm thick toughened – low iron or opti-white glass panels. This type of glass has had the iron reduced which in turn reduces that green tinge usually associated with glass panes. The low iron glass allows for a crisper image and more realistic or truer colour finish to the original image or artwork supplied.
Direct Imaged Glass can be finished in a few ways. One way (the most common) is to image the glass and back it off with a white paint to bring out the true colours of the image. The white is also backed off with a grey or black paint as a security measure to prevent any penetration of the glues or double sided tapes affecting the image facing forwards. A Second option is to clear the image after printing. This option is used in some illuminated or backlit displays where the “white” is actually the fluorescent tubes lighting the glass from behind to further enhance the image and overall effect of our product.

The finished glass can be glued to almost any flat or level surface or alternatively fitted to architectural hanging systems or illuminated display cabinets. Unfortunately we cannot print concaved or convex panels of glass.

Images Displayed…

The history of two of the panels shown is as follows.
The Waterfall Image is a panel 2300mm high x 1200mm wide. One of our first sample panels, glued directly to a wall over 2 years ago. Still holding up well and not showing any signs of stress to the image or the glass.
The Jetty Image is a panel 800mm high x 1200mm wide. Again one of our first sample panels, but this time glued to a hanging support system 2 years ago, which is still hanging on a wall in our show room. Once again this panel is not showing any signs of stress to the image or the glass.
Development is continuing, although we are more than happy with all aspects of our product, we want to be able to offer a wider variety of applications that this product could be introduct to.

 Applications to Date…

As noted above our imaginations will be one of the factors that will apply limits to our product, yet some applications we have already thought of are listed below.

Feature Glass Panels either Fully Imaged or Creatively Designed in Full Colour or Grey Scale for…

Bathrooms, Shower Recesses, Wet Rooms or Spa Facilities

Bars, Restaurants, Buffet’s, Kitchens or Food Preparation Areas

Table Tops of all sizes and shapes with customs designs or images

Partition or Sliding Glass Walls in Offices or Homes

Frameless Glass or Direct Mounted Feature Artworks

Product Benefits…

Having the glass panels reverse imaged relates to protection from many things. Germs, Dirt, Mould and Vandalism are some to name a few. As an example with the glass glued to the wall with the edges sealed using silicone, our product can be used in Kitchens, Restaurants and Wet Rooms of all types. Once sealed in position the panels meet health and safety regulations as well as addressing issues related to food preparation areas.
The glass can be cleaned as any other window or mirror can be cleaned. The sealant is mould resistant and the glass itself is toughened to meet Australian Standards. The toughened glass, once glued into position, is a very strong and safe product which takes a lot of effort to damage. The image is sealed behind the glass which offers protection from the day to day events that the glass may be exposed to.

Limitations of the Imaged Glass Process…

Currently the maximum size panel that we can image is approximately 3200mm x 1500mm
Although this is a large pane of glass, some may wish for larger. We can print panels up to 25mm thick but do not wish to have to lift them too many times. We are also working on achieving a larger print size in length as a 1500mm wide print is one of the largest width machines available at this time.

Our product, for the moment, is also limited to applications internally or out of direct sun light. Although the inks we print with are UV stable, part of the preparation process does not have UV stability. We have test panels being processed at the moment so that we can offer the same quality product in an outdoor scenario.

In Conclusion…

We see no reason for the Imaged Glass to break down after watching these panels over this past two years. This in turn encourages us to present our product to your industries as we believe that it can only value add to projects that you may be working on in the future.

Questions Regarding Our Product…

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have relating to our product.

Thank you for taking time to view our product and we hope to hear from you in the near future.

Damion Jabs - Creative Consultant
Icon Visual Industries
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