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ITC - NanoCoat   
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New South Wales 2015 
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With our factories in Europe and Australia, we have developed a unique range of high quality waterproofing and surface protection products.

ITC specialises in non-hazardous waterproofing and nanotechnology-based protective coatings, catering for a growing demand from both health conscious professionals and households who expect high quality performance.


NanoCoat Clear is an invisible glass protection coating for all types of glass. It provides a water repellent, non-stick barrier which prevents glass damage from scale, salt, scum, air pollutants, and other foreign material. The non-stick protective coating minimises dirt and grime build up on the glass, so glass requires much less maintenance. No scraping scrubbing or harsh chemical cleaners are needed to clean the glass. The NanoCoat Clear protective coating is chemically bonded to the glass, so will not rub off. This glass protection product does not change the appearance or clarity of the glass and is not affected by long term exposure to heat or UV light.

NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 is an invisible, anti-corrosive treatment where the surface preparation is included with the protective solution.  It provides long-term corrosion protection on a range of metal surfaces. The slight abrasive properties clean and remove all dirt and contaminants, while the protective components adhere directly to the substrate to provide a long lasting, easy to clean and protected surface. The treatment is resistant to friction, is and will not crack, peel or turn "yellow" after long term outdoor exposure.  Treated surfaces repel water and are protected against the elements.

NanoCoat Polish is the latest development in paint, polished metal and fibreglass protection. It cleans, polishes and protects in one easy application. NanoCoat Polish can be safely used on all surfaces that require a shine, including Paint, Chrome, Steel, Aluminium, Gold, Silver, and anything made from fibreglass. NanoCoat Polish contains a UV filter which prevents the surfaces from becoming tarnished and will not allow hard to remove things like tar, insects and tree sap to stick to the surface. NanoCoat Polish rejuvenates old, weathered surfaces, removes fine scratches and leaves no streaks or white residue on surfaces adjacent to treated areas. 


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