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The rooms on this page are all from separate homes, indicating the attention to detail characteristic of James Robertson's work. 


They include a specially constructed alcove for a Swedish couch, a cosy bedroom corner with the beginnings of a botanical collection on display, a grand and elegant parlour with a wonderful mix of pattern and texture and treasured traditional furniture re-used in a modern setting.  


James says "Attention to detailing and accessories require careful planning.


Commercial and domestic design should take place in consultation with the designer, from the planning stage, in order to avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary anxiety".


The living room belongs in a home with very austere lines which was built to display a collection of original paintings. 


James Robertson designed a custom-made rug with a black background and a loose, open, floral pattern, as a starting point. 


The colours of the floral pattern in the rug resonate with the colours of the paintings for this room. 


The black background of the rug repeats the black of the grand piano in the music alcove. 


Two free standing couches, with classic rolled arms and curved back frames, were covered in ivory cut velvet, in a traditional brocade pattern. 


Louis Bergere arm chairs were chosen for the classic beauty of their shape. 


A fine apple-green satin stripe on the arm chairs complements their hand carved timber frames and repeats the colours in the rug and the leaves of the trees outside. 


Finally, a bevelled-edge clear glass coffee table ensured that the rug would not be obscured but would provide somewhere for a few special treasures and some magazines. 


Ivory muslin curtains can be drawn across the six metre-high full glass wall if warmth and privacy are required in the room.


James Robertson creates rooms that take symmetry, balance and scale into account. 


His attention to these design qualities provides a backdrop for human interaction.  The spaciousness of his rooms is an invitation for people to live there, to sit down and to make themselves comfortable. 


James designs with people in mind and it is only when you make yourself comfortable in one of his rooms that you also begin to appreciate his attention to form, texture and his subtle use of colour; elegance, simplicity, a surprising warmth, innate beauty and attention to detailing are the words that spring to mind. 


"Your furnishings should reflect who you are.  They should invite your visitors in."

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