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21 Kamerunga Road, STRATFORD, Queensland, 4870 
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Our firm combines the skills of a talented, award winning architect with cutting edge visualisation technology and internet experience.


These skills support our commitment to excellence in architecture and the best possible delivery of outcomes.


Michael Ferris is the designer for the tropics and Managing Director of Michael Ferris and Partners Architects and Virtual Cities.


Our Cairns office boasts an unequalled reputation for design excellence having won awards from the RAIA, RAPI, HIA, QMBA, the National Trust of Queensland, the Retailers Association of Queensland, the Ansett Australia TNQ Best Luxury Hotel and the Radisson Hotels Worldwide Pinnacle Award.


These awards recognise our strengths and expertise in Retail Design, Commercial Interiors, Elite Residential, Medium Density Housing, Hotel Refurbishments and various other Institutional and Commercial buildings.


Significantly, Michael has also delivered a national paper on Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) and is held to be qualified to advise on the subject.


Special interest areas are Life Cycle Analysis, the Carbon Sink and Embodied Energy. Whilst these issues are not currently in the design mainstream, it is felt that consideration of these matters would lead to more valuable product outcomes. If required, each of the above 3 profiles could be delivered for your project.

This knowledge will add to the quality and the expediency of the tasks to be undertaken ultimately resulting in better buildings.


For any given project, the above design and environmental skills will be combined with cutting edge visualisation skills. Through Virtual Cities, we have recently completed a 3D model of the city of Cairns and posted it on our web site at 


Virtual buildings can be created and slotted into the city for assessment and evaluation, once again resulting in better outcomes for the client and facilitating a better understanding of what the building will actually look like.


Our clients can be given a tour of their building before its actually constructed. Our VR models are complete with colour texture and finish. These can be posted on the internet at our web sites in panoramic presentation allowing our clients to view their projects from any where in the world at any time.


Please visit and to view our pre construction design models and our completed projects using our web site panoramas.


We look forward to assisting you in the coming age of technology and the new economy.


2000 Finalist Qld Asia Pacific 2000 IT&T awards

1999 Best Retail Shop Design FNQ, Retailers Assoc Qld

1999 Ansett Australia TNQ Best Luxury Hotel

1999 Radisson Hotels Worldwide Pinnacle Award

1999 QMBA Medium Density Housing FNQ: Ngoombi Kuranda

1998 RAIA Commendation: McGinn Residence Port Douglas

1997 RAPI Urban Design Award: Cairns Esplanade Pool

1995 National Trust of Qld Heritage Creation, Edmonton (housing)

1993 HIA Cairns Housing to 150K

1993 HIA Cairns Housing to 350K

1991 RAPI Residential Development Award: Smithfield Housing 

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