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NanoCoat Protective Coatings

§         NanoCoat Protective Coating for Glass

§         NanoCoat Protective Coating for Ceramic

§         NanoCoat Protective Coating for Stainless Steel and other Metals

§         NanoCoat Protective Coating for Automotive Paint

§         NanoCoat Protective Coating for Fibreglass and other Painted Surfaces

§         NanoCoat Anti Corrosion and Corrosion Removal treatment for Stainless Steel

§         NanoCoat Deep Penetrating Sealer and Protector for Concrete, Sandstone and all other Porous Stones and Mineral Surfaces.

§         NanoCoat Sealer and Impregnator for Timber and Hardwood

ITC specialises in nanotechnology-based protective coatings, catering for a growing demand from both industry professionals and households who expect high quality performance.

The non-stick protective coating minimises dirt and grime build up, so the substrate requires much less maintenance. No scraping scrubbing or harsh chemical cleaners are needed to clean the NanoCoat protected surface.

NanoCoat Protective Coatings do not contain any sililcons, are resistant to friction, and will not crack or peel after long term outdoor exposure.  Treated surfaces repel water and are protected against the elements.

NanoCoat Surface Coatings is available from International Trading & Consulting, designed to be user-friendly, easy to apply surface protection coating which boasts High Quality and High Performance Australia-Wide. NanoCoat Surface Coatings have an Unlimited Shelf Life.

 NanoCoat Surface Protection Benefits

  • PROTECTS - prevents damage from salt, hard water minerals, dirt, grime, soap scum, mould, algae growth and corrosion
  • INVISIBLE - surfaces look and feel the same after application
  • ECONOMICAL - reduces cleaning time and effort along with maintenance costs
  • WEATHER RESISTANT - not affected by extreme heat or UV exposure
  • LONG LASTING - one application is all that is required for long term surface protection
  • EASY TO CLEAN - water and dirt repellent surface, so no scraping, scrubbing or harsh   chemical cleaners needed 



NanoCoat Products are available Australia Wide




The NanoCoat product line offers an effective solution to surface protection and maintenance reduction for various porous and non porous surfaces.


For WA and NT, NanoCoat Clear and NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 is available through Select National Pty Ltd.

Select National was formed in 2003 by builders for builders and has developed as a leading supplier to the construction industry & Wholesale / Distribution for Retail.

ITC and Select National are proud to be partners in promoting high performance and high quality products.

Please visit the Select National website for more information:



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