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The South Australian Association of Architects, Engineers and Surveyors had been founded in 1858 but faded into history without making an impact.

In 1881 architect E.B. Lucas wrote to the Victorian Institute of Architects for advice on how to start a like body in SA. By 1884 there was believed to be more than 100 architects practising in the colony and “the lack of any system of professional registration means that it is impossible to know how many were properly trained and how many were contractors and/or land agents who happened to employ a couple of draftsmen”.

On July 26, 1886, a group met in the office of architect Edward Davies to initiate the formation of a South Australian Institute of Architects. This took place on September 20, and on October 211886 the first President of the Institute was elected - Legislative Council member Dr Alan Campbell.

In a now familiar trend, attempts to pass the Architects Registration Bill in SA were derailed in 1889 and it took 50 years until 1939 for it to be passed as the Architects Registration Act - and make SA architects among the last to be registered in Australia. [In 2006, SA and Tasmania are the only states without a Government Architect, and the draft new Architects Act is still languishing in the office of the Minister responsible.]

The Act became law on March 1, 1940, under the first Architects Board of SA, which was appointed by the Legislative Council.

The Institutes of Architects in the six states of Australia functioned independently until September 29, 1929, when after long and often acrimonious negotiations, the Australian Institute of Architects was established as a federated national organisation comprising the members of all State Institutes. Its purpose was, as it is today, to:

  • To advance architecture
  • To maintain the integrity and standing of the profession
  • To promote the profession's views nationally and internationally, and
  • To encourage the study of architecture

Chapter Councils are responsible for managing their business and affairs as delegated by the National Council from time to time.

A Chapter Council comprises Chapter President, Immediate Past President, up to 10 Chapter Councillors, and a Student Representative*

* SA has two Student Representatives – one from each of the SA schools of architecture – who share one vote.

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