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Rechichi Architects
Suite 1 First Floor 146 Murray Street, PERTH, Western Australia, 6000 
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Rechichi Architects have had significant experience in the consultative and construction processes of small architectural projects. Our successful architectural experience is borne from a commitment to processes which have proven successful in over 12 years of Architectural Practice.  The firm boasts of a wide experience in:

  • architecture,
  • building construction and management,
  • interiors,
  • landscaping and
  • planning.


Employing professional, creative and inspired designers with understanding in these fields who have continual access to the latest technologies; implementing these medias into our design and presentations, such as 3D animation, computer drafting and full video presentations, allowing us to provide to our clients a level of service that is rare in architectural firms of a similar compact size.


We also offer to our clients the option to design-and-build.  This building background means that we can offer our clients a practical insight into the design procedure and reduce complications that may be involved throughout the Contract Administration period.  Our building knowledge is utilised to identify cost reduction issues with regards to structure and various products available to be used in our client’s developments.  These various facets provide to the client a total Project Management package, ensuring that cost feasibility does not become an issue.


With such an extended skill base, Rechichi Architects has undertaken many projects in the residential and commercial fields that have led to much success and recognition from its peers and from the wider community.   In particular, grouped and single dwellings on constrained sites that provides unique spatial experiences due to their efficient use of land and an extension of the interior into the exterior space.


Larger scaled commercial and multi-storey residential developments have also been undertaken by our firm, with striking bold designs being produced for each brief.  Each development needed to remain commercially viable, and through a suitably designed individual response by our firm to each site, an appropriate architectural solution was met that delighted every client.



Communication is a key parameter in our firm.  Throughout every stage of a project a collaborative approach with our clients ensures you the clients are always kept aware of the progression and the future direction of the project.  As Architects we understand that it is our duty to maintain our client’s vision as paramount to the design process.


A commitment to producing designs that are relevant to their context is evident by implementing this ethos at its most intrinsic level.  Our firm supports locally made materials and local businesses, utilising innovative building techniques; the end result being creative and inspirational which are imaginative and uniquely Australian.



Attention to detail by Rechichi Architects is involved in every aspect of the design process, with particular concern focusing on the firm’s strong commitment to:

  • ecological sustainable design,
  • project feasibility,
  • potential heritage parameters,
  • local authority liaison and council lobbying
  • streetscape, and
  • contemporary design. 


The increasing stringent demands of the requirements of the local Authorities with respect to their local points of concern has necessitated that the Architect must develop strong relationships and understandings with local authority Planners and Councillors.


Accordingly Rechichi Architects has developed such relationships through their reputation of being proactive in community concerns and in their community consultative approach which effectively safeguards a smooth passage through the approval process.



The personalised service offered by Rechichi Architects is followed through in every stage of the building process.  The following critical stages and milestones are treated with the utmost of importance with every project:

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Contract Documentation
  • Tendering
  • Contract Administration
  • Post Contract evaluation


The above mentioned stages for the basis of the Architectural service we are able to provide.  Further specific areas of expertise offered are in the following fields of:

  • Interior Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Tenancy implementation and co-ordination
  • Design and Build


As registered builders the company is able to offer the non-traditional but increasingly popular approach to building procurement utilising a design and build contract.  This enables a client the safety net of the building meeting its budgets during the design process.

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