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Recycled Timbers Pty Ltd   
11 Production Ave,
New South Wales 2752 
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Never in our lives has the word “carbon” been so important. With a proposed Carbon Tax being introduced into the Australian parliament, we all need to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. As a tree grows, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and stores the carbon so efficiently that about half the dry weight of a tree is carbon, with the carbon remaining in the wood even when it’s used for furniture and building products.[Source Wood Naturally Better website]

In the past, used timber products (including telegraph poles, wharves and bridges and other structural timbers in old buildings) were burnt or sent to landfill. The alternative is to recycle these used timber products into new building products and furniture, and thereby reducing the need for newly felled timber to be used. Also timber products use less resources to manufacture, as an example a steel beam requires more than 10 times the production energy of the equivalent timber beam [ Source Timber Building in Australia website]

Recycled Timbers Pty Ltd, a business started in 2007, came about because of talking to a mate (yes, over the fence). After trials on about 100 pieces of recyclable timber, it showed the potential of giving timber a new life. Recycled Timbers Pty Ltd purchased a large factory in Warragamba NSW (near Warragamba Dam) and started the process of producing a wide variety of recycled timber products. Recycled Timbers have purchased the machinery to produce quality products and the employees have great pride in their work.

Recycled Timbers Pty Ltd is a major producer of recycled timber beams, posts and boards. It is also a major recycled timber component manufacturer for bench tops, laminated stair treads, window and door components, table components, end matched flooring, cladding and decking, trusses, heritage linfals for brickwork, rural gates and much more. Recycled Timbers also reduce wastage by recycling as much of the waste product as possible including the offcuts being sold as firewood, and chipped to produce wood chip for gardens and any metals removed from the timber prior to machining is collected, sorted and sent for recycling and post off cuts are recycled as pole stays and other fencing materials.

Recycled Timbers Pty Ltd has over a quarter of a century of experience in the timber industry and this knowledge is applied to every aspect of the product.

Recycled Timbers invite you to visit our website, or showroom located at Warragamba. Recycled Timbers can be contacted on (02) 4774 2888 or You can also find Recycled Timbers on facebook and twitter.


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