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Solamagic Australia Pty limited   
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Solamagic heaters utilise Infra Red technology to provide warmth at the flick of a switch. Using Phillips HeLeN 5000hr long life halogen globes, Solamagic heaters provide a highly efficient and effective heating solution.
Infrared heating is unique. Unlike conventional heaters which require long warm up phases, and need to heat the air before you feel the warmth, Solamagic heaters are instantaneous, with effective heat being felt the moment the unit is switched on. Solamagic does not rely on heating the air to be effective; this makes them ideal for open areas where the high turnover of air sees conventional conductive and gas fired heaters loose enormous amounts of energy which simply ‘blows away’.                         
Independent testing shows that Solamagic heating converts 92% of electrical energy to positive heating effect, whereas a gas fired patio heater converts only 40%. In dollars and cents this in comparison equates to ~$0.25 per hour for Solamagic heaters compared to ~$3.60 per hour for a gas bottle patio heater.
Environmentally the Solamagic heating system does not directly add additional CO2 to the environment whilst it is not operational, nor does it generate other toxic gases which limit the units to the outdoors only applications.
Once installed on the wall or ceiling the Solamagic heaters do not need to be removed when not required, nor are OH&S issues associated with gas bottle storage and handling an issue. Other than some minor cleaning to remove any build up of dust the Solamagic heaters require little ongoing maintenance.
Design features
Solamagic Infra Red heaters are constructed from aluminium and stainless steel and glass. This makes the Solamagic units durable and long lasting and at the ultimate end for product life cycle 100% recyclable.
Full Aluminium frame is designed externally to be aesthetically pleasing and on the inside, too hold all the necessary elements for structural strength and bracketing supports. Utilising different lengths of extrusion provides the flexibility to manufacture the wide range of Solamagic heater options from the 1400W compact heater to the 3.5m Heat Light Combination unit. 
The aluminium frame also provides a unique canvas to apply a multitude of different powdercoated colours and finishes to provide functionality and meet customer’s specific requirements and décor.


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