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Statkus Architecture Pty Ltd
51 Simpson St, NORTHCOTE, Victoria, 3070 
03 9482 2201
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abn: 11 130 705
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Statkus Architecture is a young and energetic architectural practice focused on considered, engaging and sustainable outcomes, established by Ben Statkus a registered architect who has been in private practice since 2004.


We are a little firm based in Northcote and employ 2 dedicated part time staff and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with hard work and the pleasures of seeing ideas turn into drawings, into construction sites and into finished buildings.  

Most of our current and recent work has been small and medium sized home renovations and extensions, multi residential developments along with local government, retail, hospitality and community projects.

We are currently working on residential projects in Northcote, North Fitzroy, East Brunswick, Thornbury, Warrandyte, Albert Park and Falls Creek on projects ranging from a 3m extension to an 18 unit holiday unit development up in the snow. 

In 2010, we were delighted to have been selected as one of 17 teams to exhibit in the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale in the “Now and When” exhibition.

In 2011, we worked 3 & 4 year old kindergarten children and dedicated staff at Swinburne Prahran Community Children’s Co-Operative in Windsor taking part in the 2011 Arts Victoria Eco Cubby project. 

Our work seeks to invite, wonder, maximize, minimize, question, assess, encourage, participate and speculate.

Statkus Architecture enjoys engagement with the wider community through voluntary work, architectural and urban competitions, interviews and public art commissions, often collaborating from those outside of the discipline of architecture.

We are currently pursuing interesting projects within and outside of the traditional client & architect arrangement for 2012 and beyond and welcome interdisciplinary collaborations with architects, artists, film makers, graphic designers, landscape architects, urban planners, tinkerers, thinkers, dreamers and doers.





In our architecture, our primary aim is not to pursue the glossy magazine shot, rather our interest lies in how we can provide a balanced project outcome that converses with existing buildings, landscape, urban and environmental conditions, while undergoing processes that aim to result in emergent and unique design outcomes, responding to the myriad of affecting factors that arise in these projects.

Environmentally Sustainable Design is embedded in all our work as well as well as within our practice.

Each project is treated differently and we explore ideas involving many factors including the unique, qualities of timelessness, the calm, the complementary, the relevance, the cultural, the historical, the now, the future, triality, materiality, spaciality, enviromental, specificity, the ironic and the pleasurable.




While most people have a general understanding of what an architect does, we are often asked what's involved in the process.

Each project is different, and often the potential outcome of a project from the outset can seem quite obvious, while other times it can feel quite elusive, particularly when the many factors involving construction are considered.

If you've ever watched Grand Designs, the starting point of each episode is usually at a point in the project that is quite late in the piece in terms of your architect's involvement.

Architect's services are tailored to each project, and are broken down into distinct stages. As a brief summary, the following is typical:

STAGE 1 - Concept Design also referred to as Schematic Design or Sketch Design.
This stage involves discussing your brief requirements, undertaking a series of pre design exercises including measuring and recording the site, reviewing town planning and authority requirements, assessing limitations and possibilities and getting a sense of the urban, environmental and social context. We then undertake our design response(s) which include a selection and mix of hand drawn sketches, 3d computer and physical modelling, montage and other illustrative techniques to help communicate the design response(s) to your brief.

STAGE 2 - Design Development also referred to as Detailed Design.
Once the concept, scope and construction budget reach a point of equilibrium, we then move onto fine tuning, refining and elaborating the proposal in a series of discussions and presentations with you.

STAGE 3 - Town Planning Application also referred to as Development Application. 
Not all projects require Town Planning approval, and we are able to help confirm this requirement Having had extensive experience with a range of councils throughout Victoria, we are able to discuss the proposal with council on your behalf, attend pre application meetings, produce concise and complete town planning application packages, submit the application on your behalf, liaise with local council town planners and referral authorities. We also follow up throughout the application, provide additional information as required and where necessary assist with VCAT/ tribunal hearings.

STAGE 4 - Construction Documentation also referred to as Working Drawings, For Construction Drawings or Contract Documents. 
Here, we form and co-ordinate a specialist consultant team, produce detailed drawings and specifications to enable the project to be tendered out, costed and built. The complete scope of the work is detailed and specified from the footings to the cabinet drawer runners to the downpipes. The building permit is also applied for and issued prior to the construction phase.

STAGE 5 - Contractor Selection also referred to as Builder Procurement or Tendering out to Builders 
We are able to advise you on range of builder procurement techniques suitable for your project. Typically, the project is tendered out to selected suitable and interested builders of your or our choosing. We prepare the Tender documents and manage the tender process including providing the Tenderers with any additional information they might need and to assess the tenders received with you.

STAGE 6 - Contract Administration
 during the Construction Phase, often incorrectly referred to as Project Management 
Prior to construction work starting on site, as the "Contract Administrator", we prepare the Building Contracts for signing by yourself and the selected builder. Throughout the construction phase, we administer the Building Contract, which essentially involves keeping you updated on the time, cost and progress on site, visiting the site to observe the conformance of work with the Contract Documents, undertaking and recording site meetings, responding to builder queries, providing additional information as needed, assess variations and builder claims and preparing the required certificates under the Contract.


It is quite an involved process and the above is an attempt at being clear and concise and is hopefully helpful to you. As mentioned above, the beginning of a typical Grand Designs episode is often after Stage 5 above.




Registrations & Memberships

Statkus Architecture Pty Ltd is a registered architectural practice in the State of Victoria. Registration number C51060

Benjamin Statkus is a Registered Architect in the State of Victoria. Registration number 16898

Statkus Architecture Pty Ltd is an A+ Member of the Australian Institute of Architects

Statkus Architecture Pty Ltd is a Member of the Association of Consulting Architects




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